Map of Phuket / English, Russian & Chinese

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Map of Phuket / English, Russian & Chinese
Phuket’s most accurate and best-loved MAP - English, Russian & Chinese
The highest quality, most accurate road map of Phuket has taken years to perfect − and updates are ongoing every issue. Quality mapping, quality design and quality production make THE Map of Phuket the perfect vehicle for your quality message, whether you’re targeting the whole international community or want to focus exclusively on the growing Russian or Chinese markets.

Chinese Map of Phuket

Readership profile

Just about anyone who wants to find their way around Phuket – but mostly independent visitors with their own transport (rental cars/ motorbikes).

Circulation / print run

Issued bi-monthly, with 20,000 (English) and 10,000 (Russian & Chinese) circulated every month to 600+ selected outlets. Distribution is monitored continually to optimise circulation and readership.
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Total size: 700mm x 475mm (approx)
Folded size: 250mm x 100 mm (approx)
Paper: 90 gsm. glossy art paper

website contains the whole Map of Phuket in English & Russian in enough detail to use/print.

Advertising Rates

Rates start from as little as 3,350 baht per month. See details below.

Advertising enquiries

Jill  t. 08 9873 6544 e. (Thai/Eng)
Som  t. 08 1270 0020 e. (Thai/Eng)
Peter  t. 08 1894 9668 e. (English)

Advertising Rates

In print version Rates are PER MONTH in Thai Baht + VAT
Rate p/month
Rate p/month
Location Size (mm.) 6 months 1 year 6 months 1 year
Front cover spot 90 x 40 15,900 14,450 9,800 8,900
Back cover 1/2 90 x 105 17,150 15,550 11,000 10,000
Back cover Full 90 x 214 31,800 28,900 19,600 17,800
Medium ad 100 x 69 6,150 5,600 3,700 3,350
Large ad 100 x 140 8,600 7,800 6,150 5,600

Monthly rates above are based on 6-month or 1-year contract.

Advertising rates do NOT include production of artwork for display advertising. All rates are + VAT.

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