advertising opportunities

IMAGE asia publications offer the most cost-effective, clearly targeted, print and online advertising opportunities on Phuket. The key to our success is :

  • No-nonsense format, providing visitors and residents with up-to-date, concise yet complete information that informs and enables comparisons between alternatives – both online while planning their trips from home or on the move, and here on Phuket for those ‘what shall we do next?’ decisions.
  • A unique approach to print distribution — the key to effective advertising. Sound distribution is about more than just printing a few thousand copies and ‘dumping’ them in the market.
  • Continual online upgrades and development — we are constantly upgrading and developing our websites to keep abreast of the latest developments, as well as making sure through our in-house SEO expert, that humans will find them. But we don’t forget that website visitors, like readers of books, are human beings. An example of our approach is our Where to Eat in Russian language website — translated by humans not algorithms!

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